Beach Themed Cookies

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This summer seriously seems to be flying by, but its definitely not over yet. Anyway, I recently went to the beach and was inspired to make these beach themed cookies. The recipe is the exact same as the the Easter egg cookies I shared with you previously. So today I am just going to be sharing with you these cute beach day designs.

DONUTS: Simply cut out circles in the rolled out dough and then cut another circle in the middle of that. Once baked and cooled, spread brown icing onto the cookie and quickly sprinkle on rainbow jimmies to finish the donut cookies.

FLIP FLOPS: I just used a stencil that I printed off online of a flip flop shape in order to cut in the rolled out dough. Once baked and cooled, use pink icing to spread onto the entire cookie. Let the icing set up, keeping in mind that this could take a few hours. Once the icing is hard to the touch, use a piping bag with a very tiny tip filled with white icing to pipe on the straps of the flip flop. Then I just stuck a star sprinkle at the center of the straps.

SNOW CONES: For the shape of these cookies, I just free handed the shape of a snow cone but you could definitely print off an online stencil and use that. Once the cookies are baked and cooled, I just spread on some white icing and then used some sugar sprinkles just on the circle top part of the cookie.

WATERMELON: The shape of the watermelon is simply achieved by cutting out a hemisphere in the dough. Once the the cookie is baked and cooled, use red icing on the entire base of the cookie. Next, once the icing has dried, line the cookie’s rim with white icing and then use green icing for the round part of the rim. Lastly, use black icing in a piping bag at the very end to pipe some seeds.

CITRUS WEDGES: To start, similar to the watermelon shape, you just cut out the hemisphere shape in the rolled out dough. Once the cookies are baked and cooled, ice the cookies with either lime green or yellow icing. Once that is dry, pipe the citrus lines as shown in the picture with white icing in a piping bag.

BEACH BALLS: For the beach ball shape, just cut out circles in the rolled out dough. Once baked and cooled, just ice alternating triangles with round edges using blue, red, and white icing. Once that icing is dried, pipe a white dot in the center to complete this cute design.

I hope you found some inspiration this summer as you decorate some of the cutest cookies on this Earth! They are so perfect for parties or even a fun summer get together.

Happy Baking!


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